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The university devotes considerable effort and resources to the development of  an  outstanding  library  collection   to  meet  the  expanding  need  of  teaching  and   research, and  to  serve as  a    resource  reference  center.  The  general  library  has  over 25000  items  on  all  subject  relevant  to  academic  programmed.  Library   service  include  lending,  reference,  photo-copying  and   document  delivery  service. The library has a computerized  information system  to provide  information  about  library  materials for  its  members. All  library  services  are available to faculty and students. Except  for certain designated official holidays, the library is open from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM daily. Besides, the general library systems  each  academic discipline maintains rental library from which students can borrow text books at a nominal rate for the whole semester. 

Each  department  maintains its own affluent and modern rental library  which  provides  sufficient  books  for  the  students  of  the  respective discipline.

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